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Wedding Professional Q&A with Hedi Field Photography

We had the lovely pleasure of having Hedi Field, owner of Hedi Field Photography, as a collaborator in our Wedding Professionals Q&A Series! Learn more about Hedi's journey into this industry and her answers to questions we receive all of the time from brides:

How did you become a photographer and what led you into the wedding industry?

Photography for me has always been more than just a job - it's like a part of who I am. I started dabbling in it back in middle school, totally fascinated by how a camera could capture all those tiny, special moments and emotions. And, I just kept falling more in love with it.

Getting into wedding photography felt like the most natural thing in the world. I mean, who wouldn't be captivated by all those wonderful love stories? Every wedding is like its own little world, filled with laughter, tears, and all those unspoken feelings. There's something so lively and heartwarming about weddings – all the excitement, the romance, the closeness of family and friends. It just clicked with me. It's why I ended up making this my specialty. Capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments for people... it's just the best.

How would you describe your photography style? What would you compare your work to?

In my photography, I love mixing different styles together. It's all about capturing those real, spontaneous moments that just happen – the kind that show real feelings and tell a story all on their own. I like to think of my work as a bit of a blend of fine art and editorial photography, focusing on the natural flow and genuine moments of your special day. I'm really inspired by the classic look of film photography, but I always try to add a modern twist to keep things fresh and exciting. I see each wedding album as a complete story, almost like your very own movie from start to finish!

When we get to the portrait part, my goal is to capture images that feel iconic, romantic, and brimming with emotion. It's really all about getting to know you as a couple and finding out what makes you feel your best. Everyone's different – some couples are all about laughs and having a playful time in front of the camera, while others prefer something more sophisticated and classic. I’m here to capture your love story just the way you feel it. I don’t believe in pushing you to be anything other than yourselves; it’s all about capturing the unique connection and love you share.

What's your best advice for engagement photoshoots?

Engagement photoshoots are special because they capture the essence of a couple's relationship before their wedding. I advise couples to think of activities or places that hold special meaning to them, as this personal connection translates into more authentic and heartfelt photographs. Comfort is key, both in attire and in the overall vibe of the shoot. I encourage couples to engage with each other naturally, as if the camera isn't there, allowing their genuine connection and love to shine through. These shoots are less about perfect poses and more about capturing the unique chemistry and story of the couple.

What would you suggest for the amount of time needed for getting ready photos?

The 'getting ready' phase is full of anticipation and emotion, and capturing this requires adequate time. Allowing 1-2 hours ensures that not only the essential details like the dress, shoes, and rings are photographed, but also the candid moments of excitement, nervousness, and joy among the wedding party and family. This period is rich with storytelling opportunities, from the intricate lacing of the dress to the shared laughs and tears. A relaxed pace during this time allows me to document these moments without rush, ensuring a comprehensive and emotive visual story.

When it comes to family photos, do you have tips on how to make the process seamless and quick?

Family photos are an integral part of the wedding day, serving as treasured memories for generations. Efficiency here is crucial, as these can be time-consuming. Pre-planning is essential - having a list of desired groupings and a designated person to assist with organizing relatives can significantly streamline the process. This approach reduces the time taken and minimizes the stress on the couple and family members, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Do you prefer for couples to have inspiration photos to take on their wedding day, or trust the process & be organic?

While inspiration photos are helpful for understanding a couple’s vision, I also emphasize the importance of flexibility and spontaneity. Weddings are dynamic, and some of the most memorable shots are unplanned. Balancing a couple's inspiration with the natural flow of the day allows for a more authentic and unique representation of their special day. This blend of preparedness and spontaneity often results in a more diverse and genuine collection of images.

Do you prefer to work with a wedding planner, or at least a day of coordinator on a wedding day?

Working alongside a wedding planner or coordinator is immensely beneficial. Their expertise in logistics and scheduling complements my focus on photography. They handle the day's flow, allowing me to concentrate on capturing moments without being distracted by the day's operational aspects. This collaboration not only helps in executing the timeline smoothly but also ensures that the couple enjoys their day without any logistical worries, knowing that every detail is being expertly managed.

Loved everything you read from Hedi? Contact her directly through her website and follow her on Instagram @hedifieldphotography.


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