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Wedding Professional Q&A with All the Glam

We're back with this series! We had the lovely pleasure of having Ashley Stewart, Owner & Lead Hairstylist of All The Glam, as a collaborator in our Wedding Professionals Q&A Series! Learn more about Ashley's journey into this industry and her answers to questions we receive all of the time from brides:

How did you become a hair stylist and what led you into the wedding industry? 

As a biracial artist who grew up with an Italian mom, I had years of practice that turned into a passion! Honestly, I’m a hopeless romantic. I can’t imagine a better work day than wedding day!

Do you have a favorite hairstyle?

 I love any updo I can add my own creative touch to! Low bun, French twist, part pony. I love it all! But if I had to choose one, the classic low bun is a timeless favorite!

Do you have a favorite brand for products?

KENRA, all day! The entire line is a 10/10. I layer 3-5 of their products into every style. However, I don’t dare run out of Redkens wax spray or OSIS “magic” volume dust! 

Should a bride bring anything specific to their trial?

I recommend the bride comes with light makeup on for hair trials if their makeup trial is on a separate day. It’s hard to get a real feel when get your hair fully glammed up with a bare face. I also recommend wearing white and bringing any accessories including your veil if you have it. I will always take photographs and videos from all the angles with and without the accessories/veil for reference. I also encourage my brides to reach back out with any updates once she’s had the chance to live in the look and get feedback from their bridal party. I will note any changes and happily execute per your request on wedding day. The goal is for our brides to FEEL and look their very best!

Which goes first: hair or makeup?

Makeup! Unless you have no desire for hair framing your face. Otherwise, your perfectly placed face framing will be clipped and creased during your makeup application. 

Should a bride and her bridesmaids come prepared with photos to show what they would prefer? 

Yes! With clean, dry and detangled hair that was washed within 24 hours. Please and thank you for the best results!

Should a bride and her bridesmaids come prepared with photos to show what they would prefer?

Yes! With clean, dry and detangled hair that was washed within 24 hours. Please and thank you for the best results!

What type of prepping should a bride do leading up to the wedding day?

I recommend always keeping your hair moisturized and protected from heat. Leave in conditioner and heat protector are your friends! It’s never too late to pick up these products and add them to your hair care routine.

Is there a standard night before prep a bride should do?

I recommend a professional blowout and style for the rehearsal! However, I know that’s not always realistic or ideal with all the moving parts of wedding day. In that case, I recommend a clarifying shampoo or shampooing twice then adding minimal conditioner from the ears down. Or just the ends for girls with thin/fine hair. Most importantly, I want everyone to know the cleaner the hair the better for styling! Please forget the old saying “dirty hair is best” because it is absolutely not. There is nothing worse than oily roots on wedding day. Please plan accordingly! 

How far out would you recommend a bride to get her hair done by her typical hair stylist from her wedding day? Is there a restriction?

I recommend getting your final cut and color about 3 months out from wedding day. A drastic cut or color would change the overall look we styled for the trial. However, you are in good hands either way!

What are tips to maintain hair throughout a wedding day?

“Set it and forget it!” It's my job to set your hair up for success and I use many luxury grade products to secure the integrity of your hair. The more you touch it the more chance of causing curls to breakdown and frizz to appear. In case you get caught in a situation, I always provide a touch up kit for all my brides. The personalized cosmetic bag includes a mini hairspray for any flyaways, bobby-pins, mini elastics, and lots of other emergency goodies you might need on wedding day! I always give veil tutorials before I exit and also offer extra touch up time, full day service options if needed.

Loved everything you read from Ashley? Contact her directly through her website and follow her on Instagram @alltheglam_.


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