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Maximize Your Wedding Floral Budget

If you know anything about me, you know my love for flowers. They are my love language and once I hear my couples say flowers are their priority in their budget, I am all in and all ears. When that discussion is had, I instantly switch gears to my creative side to assist in maximizing their floral budget in order for one of their priorities to have its moment (or two, or three…).

What led me to create this blog post was hearing so many of my couples say they “don’t want their beautiful blooms they have spent a generous amount of their budget on, being thrown away the next day”. This got me thinking of sharing my professional advice and suggestions in order to expand the possibilities of your floral budget, rather than diminish your vision. I want you to see the potential these flowers can have by continuously creating moments throughout your wedding planning, day and even throughout the weekend.

Photos by: Molly Lo Photography (this displays the repurposing of the ceremony flowers in front of the band stage).

1. Repurposing

Ceremony Arrangements

If you’re considering having large urns, or an arch to have as an anchor for your ceremony, these can be repurposed to a few different locations to frame in such as your sweetheart table, entrance into the reception space or tent, a photo booth backdrop, seating chart signage, or a specialty bar.

If you’re using large floor arrangements down the aisle, these also can be repurposed to cover a band stage, or any of the options from the urns/arches.

Keep in mind when moving large pieces such as these, it may require an additional fee from your florist to keep staff on-site to relocate. But I promise you, it will be worth it!

Personal Bouquets

Once the ceremony concludes and all of the formal photos are taken with the entire bridal party, those bouquets need a place to showcase the floral design throughout the rest of the day instead of leaving it on a cocktail table, or throwing it on a place setting. Typically these can be repurposed to be placed on the guest book table, bar tables or shelving, a fireplace mantel, cake table or even to spruce up the bathrooms. They can either be placed back inside of their vases the florist provides them in from the beginning of the day, or simply laying to take up more space.

Personally, I do not recommend having bouquets as a centerpiece to any guest tables. Reason being is because your photographer will sneak into the reception space during cocktail hour to grab detail shots and if these bouquets don’t make it to their tables, then the design does not look complete in the photo gallery.

The Next Day

If you’re having a wedding weekend to include a morning after breakfast or brunch to send off your guests, then using your wedding day centerpieces can be a great way to repurpose your florals. Ask your wedding planner, venue (if everything is on property) or florist about transitioning your beautiful centerpieces to the next day’s affair to extend your use for them!

Photo by: Jaimee Morse Photography

2. Floor Plan

If you’re looking to have more impact along with keeping budget in mind for your floral design, then consider your floor plan to have majority round tables over banquet tables. Reason being is because banquet tables will need more coverage since they are typically 8’ or 10’ long which in comparison to a 5’ round table, they will require more product.

However, if you love the look of having banquet tables then compromise with a mix of both! It’ll still provide the impact you’re looking to have, while also keeping in line with your budget.

Photos by: Maria Burton Photography, Kim Lyn Photography & Jaimee Morse Photography (left to right)

3. In-Season Florals & Stems

In order to have your floral budget get maximized even further, consider having a discussion with your florist to incorporate more florals and stems that are in-season. If a florist has to order an off-season product, it will be more costly to them which will be passed along to your final invoice. Once the expectations are set for which types will be in-season on your wedding day, this will eliminate the cost and stress of trying to get specific blooms for your wedding day. If you have your heart set on a particular bloom for the big day, I would suggest researching which season or months they are available or in-season so your vision is met and not over budget.

I hope these tips are helpful when you’re on your planning journey and they blossom into your wedding day (pun intended)!




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