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How to Hire Your Perfect Wedding Planner

Four Things to Consider When Researching Your Perfect Planner

You're engaged - congrats!

Right now you're probably thinking: "where do I start?". The wedding industry can be an overwhelming and time consuming place for anyone who has not ventured into it. Once the thought of hiring a planner comes into your mind, then consider the advice below on how to hire a planner that is right for you!

1. Consider Your Budget

It may be something you don't like talking about (let's face it, no one likes talking about spending money), but it's the first thing you need to consider when inquiring with a wedding planner. The reason being is because you need to establish the expectation on what you can afford. For example, full wedding planning will be much more expensive than month/day of coordination. Once you have an idea of the assistance you need, whether it's alleviating the stress from the very beginning or just those final months, then you'll understand the bracket your budget will be placed within.

2. Style & Design

Do you like dark/moody, or light/airy? Are you traditional or modern? I could go on all day with variations of styles & design, so it's extremely important to find the right planner that can make your vision come to fruition. Not every wedding is the same, so not every wedding planner should should be treated the same because we all deliver specific styles based on the type of weddings we typically contract.

3. Experience

When you're applying for a job, your resume speaks for itself based on the experience you worked towards in your career. Same as a wedding planner! If you're looking to have your wedding at an established venue that is indoors vs. popping up a tent at a private home, these are vastly different beasts to conquer. At a venue your planner executes your wedding within established walls, whereas at a private home your planner has to build those walls for you. Always ask for their experience based on the location you're choosing!

4. Love at First Sight

If you hire a wedding planner, even for just a few months prior for month/day of coordination, you want to vibe with that individual from the very first call. It's cliche to say, but if you feel those butterflies in your stomach or couldn't stop smiling during your conversation - book THAT planner! Wedding planning is one of the most stressful life events, that is if you don't have the right people (or cheerleaders) by your side to mesh with your personality. I know for my clients, I choose them because I know at the end of the day that I would love to continue to have them as a part of my life too!

Happy planning, everyone!




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