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How to Choose Your Rhode Island Venue

One of the first vendors you book when planning a wedding (besides a Wedding Planner, of course) is your venue where everything will be held. It can be overwhelming to narrow down the venues you would like to consider to potentially be the one.

Photographer: Jamiee Morse Photography

Here are questions to ask yourself to help determine the best Rhode Island wedding venue for you:

What is your budget?

A budget filter for all wedding vendors must be set before you even start researching, especially when it comes to your venue because this vendor typically takes up to almost 50% of your budget. You also don’t want to put yourself in a predicament of falling in love with a location that is outside the scope of your budget.

What is your guest count?

After determining your budget, your guest list will filter your wedding venue selections even further. If your venue is indoors and your guest list is over the capacity, this will force your wedding to be outside under a tent to accommodate, which will of course raise the cost for your venue.

What is your style?

Once you have a budget in mind for your wedding location, keep in mind the style that represents you as a couple. Would you like something historical? Do you like nautical/being by the water? Do you prefer rustic? There are so many different styled venues in our little state, so answering this will help guide you in the right direction and will help you immediately eliminate where not to look.

Are there exclusive vendors?

Some venues throughout Rhode Island have exclusive caterers and other vendors. Before saying “yes” to a venue, make sure you also say “yes” to the exclusive vendors on the property as well.


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